Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meralco Business Center in Kamuning

Meralco Kamuning Business Center

Business Hours: 

  • 8am to 5pm - Monday to Friday, and
  • 8am to 12 noon - Saturdays (For payments only)

Address:  No. 761 E. Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), Kamuning, Quezon City

Telephone No.: (02) 924-1080, (02) 924-1062, (02) 1622-7582

Fax No.: (02) 1622-7437

Email Address:

Other Helpful Meralco Information 

  • To report faulty or broken streetlights, dial 16211 (Meralco Call Center).
  • For electricity-related emergencies & concerns, dial 16211 or 631-1111, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. (Just be ready with your Service ID No. before inquiring)

Your "Service Identification Number" or S.I.N. can be found on your Meralco billing statement, first line under "Service Info".

Meralco Appliance Calculator 

For the "techie" Meralco customers, you may now download the Meralco AppCal, a special computer application that can help in managing your electric bills.

Meralco AppCal can help you find out the operating costs of each of your home appliances and how much each appliance contributes to your monthly electric bill.

The Meralco AppCal can be downloaded for free HEREUse it in your PC, laptop, tablet, Android and Blackberry phones.

Meralco Kamuning Location Map


Lagarian Creek in Kamuning

Old Lagarian (Diliman) Creek - Bridge (1950s)
 (Sampaloc Avenue now Tomas Morato Avenue)

I've been living in Kamuning since birth and for a very long time I only referred to the Lagarian Creek as "sapa" (Tagalog term for "creek"), as in "sapa sa K-6th... never knew what it was called and never really bothered to find out.

During the early years (like in the photo shown above) small bodies of flowing water like creeks, streams,  and brooks attract people as it signify life - a source of food and livelihood.  Early Filipinos go to creeks to take a bath, wash their clothes, clean their animals and other water-related activities.

Today, because of the foul smell coming from the creek, you wouldn't plan on going near it unless you have to.  Though for some Kamuning residents (like the ones shown in the photo below), the smell and the garbage don't seem that disturbing or maybe they just gotten used to it. 

Part of Lagarian Creek - Bernardo Park Area
(view from the steel footbridge)

Lagarian Creek - Bernardo Park Area
(Also a view from the steel footbridge facing EDSA)

Lagarian Creek - View from EDSA

Here are some Lagarian Creek Trivias:
  • Did you know that there is an environmentalist group called LACREA (founded in 1996), short for Lagarian Creek Environmental Association Inc., whose primary goal is to restore &/or rehabilitate the Lagarian Creek system in Quezon City? 
  • Did you know that our Lagarian creek is connected to the creeks found in Roxas District, Philam, Project 3, Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, Project 8, Mindanao Avenue, and Tandang Sora?
  • Did you know that our Lagarian creek is also connected to San Juan River which is connected to Pasig River which is connected to the Manila Bay? 
  • Did you know that it is also connected to the the major rivers found in Paco, Quiapo, Binondo, Divisoria, Makati, Taguig, Potrero and to Laguna de Bay?
Get a hold of a map and you'll see. (".)

Lagarian Creek - Bridge (Judge D. Jimenez Street area)

That's all I have to write about this seemingly abandoned creek.  Though I still want to know why it was named "LAGARIAN"... send me a message if you know why it was named as such okay?

Have a nice weekend!