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Bernardo Park in Kamuning

The Bernardo Park is one of the many known places/landmarks in Kamuning. It was a park constructed during the tenure of former Quezon City Mayor Ponciano A. Bernardo, who served from 1947 until his death in 1949. (The park was later named after him).  It was also during Bernardo’s term when Quezon City was shortly designated as the Capital City of the Philippines in lieu of Manila.

The old Bernardo Park (late 1940’s) – View from EDSA

Bernardo Park Today (2012) – View from EDSA

During the 1950’s & 1960’s, Bernardo Park was one of the beautiful places to see in Quezon City, a place to go for a picnic, biking, skating, or sight-seeing.  My Nanay used to tell me the park was so popular then that a number of scenes from the movies of Sampaguita Pictures were filmed there.

As a child (late 70’s & early 80’s), Bernardo Park for me is a place to play >> ride a bike, skate, and go back & forth crossing the old bridge (as a challenge thing ^_^).  There was also the basketball court and across is the location of the swimming pool where they offer “free learn to swim” programs every year.  (I remember me and my cousins enrolled in that swimming program for three consecutive summers, with “Sir Luna” as our swimming coach :)).

Bernardo Park - 2012

Today, the biking/skating area of the park is now half its former size, the other half is a basketball covered court, and new mini-park picnic area was constructed on the other side of the Lagarian creek.

The mini-park on the other side of the creek 

(There used to be statues of animals here, with the big black carabao as my favorite. ^_^)

The Lagarian Foot Bridge 
The walkway of the foot bridge used to be made of wood where you can see through the creek beneath, now its sheets of metal.  The steel side railings seem to be the same original railings I used to hold on to as a child.

View of the mini-park from the foot bridge & part of lagarian Creek

The big boulders of adobe rock today  (also a part of the old original Bernardo Park).

The entrance to Bernardo Park along EDSA on the side of Ramon Magsaysay High School.
The steel gate to this pathway is always closed so you can enter the park via the basketball court near the foot bridge.

Rehabilitation efforts were made a couple of years ago to save Bernardo park. Renovations and constructions were made to make it still look inviting to nearby residents, but personally I wouldn't go there for leisure walks as vagrants (palaboys, homeless, etc.) seem to be always present whenever I pass through the area.

Now I only love the park for the good old memories they bring me.

Bernardo Park Area Map

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